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Rulinen group » News » President of the Russian Federation Appreciated a High Production Level of OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil

President of the Russian Federation Appreciated a High Production Level of OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil

This year, on March 7, the International Women's Day Eve was marked by visit of the government delegation headed by V.V. Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. The visit program was quite eventful.

In the early morning the President visited OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil, the largest linen fabric in Russia, and congratulated female part of the staff with the coming holiday. Vologodskiy Tekstil was chosen to be congratulated not only for its mostly female personnel (spinners, weavers, tailors, lacemakers), but also, first of all, for the fact that it is the largest linen textile manufacturer in Russia, as well as the leader and honor of linen industry in Russia. V.V. Putin warmly congratulated employees and management of the plant, expressed his gratitude for their work and mentioned a high contribution the women make not only to textile industry, but in economy as a whole.

The head of the state said:
“Your factory is pretty good. It is probably one of the best factories in the industry. Though, I’ve rather said it is probably the only factory in the industry which works in accordance with international standards and within the so-called schedule of the world’s fashion industry. Your factory took the first steps in this direction. This is the first thing. Secondly, it is a renovation-oriented factory. Quality of your products is highly competitive with the western levels of quality.”

“Russia used to supply more than a half of its linen to the international markets compared to the world’s consumption, but lost its grounds in the previous decades. We have every chance to regain these grounds, and we will strive for this with your support.”

During the tour of the plant conducted by Nikolay Valentinovich Aleksov, the President of OUK Dominion  (Quality Control Department), the President of Russia appreciated the highest level of innovation and a great job in terms of plant modernization done for the years of the Pilot Project aimed at development of linen production in the Vologda Region.


The visit was closed by an informal tea party with the President, which took place in the lace museum at Vologodskiy Tekstil, and which was attended by heads of the plant, manufacturing managers and the best spinners and weavers. The guests of the party discussed the need for enhancement of social security system for the women working in industrial sector of economy.

The next visit of the President after Vologodskiy Tekstil was paid to Exhibition Complex Russkyi Dom, where the delegation saw the latest advances in textile and light industry of the Vologda Region. V.V. Putin was acquainted with the product assortment, appreciated a high quality of the goods, including the widest range of linen products displayed at the stand of OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil.

Following his visit to Vologda, the President hold a light industry development meeting , which was attended by the representatives of the government of the Vologda Region, as well as the representatives of the largest regional enterprises. Among them, A.V. Startseva, Vice-President of OOO OUK Dominion (managing company of OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil), addressed the meeting with the report “On Supportive Measures for Pilot Project of Linen Complex Development in the Vologda Region at the Federal Level”.

In the course of the meeting, V.V. Putin shared his feelings about the visit to Vologodskiy Tekstil: “Today I paid a visit to one of the leading plants in Vologda, had a talk both with working men and women, and saw the exhibition of our light industry enterprises. I must say, the rumors of untimely death of that industry are greatly exaggerated.”

Full report on V.V. Putin’s visit to OAO Vologodskiy Tekstil (March 7)
and  the light industry meeting is available at:


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