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Rulinen group » News » Digital Printing – a new service of the RULINEN Group

Digital Printing – a new service of the RULINEN Group

Since autumn 2012, the RULINEN Group is pleased to offer the services of digital printing on the textile. Now the possibility of digital printing, which is so long waited of designers, is available in Russia.

The advantages of digital printing:

•    Available lots

Minimal order is only 30 meters of fabric the same design.

•    Unique design
Coating the fabric with the pattern, given by the customer. Printing with an unlimited number of colors allows translating any artistic ideas.We can print the fabric with the contour cut parts on it that will significantly reduce the manufacturing process of cloth models.

•    Short time
Time since the inception of the design to the finished fabric is no more than 30 days.

•    High quality
The fabric pattern made by way of active digital printing, withstands repeated washing without visible changes. As a basis for pattern coating the RULINEN Group offers the high-quality flax-containing tissues of its own fabrication.
The digital printing machine is installed in the production of the RULINEN Group.

For more information about the condition of order placing, please contact the RULINEN Group calling (812) 324 24 54


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