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Rulinen group » Vologda lace

“Vologda Lace” is a world-famous brand carefully keeping ancient traditions of hand-made lacework. Like a few centuries ago, it represents the glory of Russian lace, its impeccable quality and style.  In the last century the lacer’s labour was valued as high as the jeweller’s one. Rulinen Group produces highly artistic lace products under the brand “Vologda lace”. We employ highly skilled masters possessing unique secrets and skills, which are carefully handed down from generation to generation.

The range of Rulinen Group’s lace products is very wide. These are exclusive and finest hand-made dresses: airy pelerines, cardigans, capes, scarves, blouses and jackets.
These are also elegant panels, napkins and tablecloths made of both bone-lace and hook lace, as well as various souvenirs. Lace products under the brand “Vologda lace” will become wonderful and elegant dress for you and inimitable decoration for your home.

Cultural heritage stories, filled with a contemporary design, make Rulinen Group’s lace products an exciting acquisition for handmade fans. Vologda lace products proposed by Rulinen Group s an amazing creation of human imagination affected by the luxury of open-work patterns and weaves. Our lace products are presented in LINUM signature stores.

We also manufacture products by individual orders. Rulinen Group’s masters will create unique and inimitable dresses, tablecloths and panels which can highlight features of your style and individuality.

To order exclusive lace products, please contact:
Moscow, 21 Mira pr., Moscow Fashion House “Slava Zaitsev”, Rulinen Group’s representation office, tel. (495) 681 46 70

Saint-Petersburg, 32 B.Sampsonievskiy pr., tel. (812) 324 27 89, 

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